ITEG Startup Accelerator

The all in one zoho cloud business applications suite

ITEG Startup Accelerator Program

Step 1:

Logo Design

Every company starts by having a name and logo for itself. Name is used to identify a business different from others and is used in developing the brand of the company. Logo is the graphical representation of the company which often showcases the values and nature of the business.

Keeping in mind the necessary branding elements, ITEG thrives to deliver various logo and name representations that truly reflect the nature of the business.

Step 2:

Digital Brand Identity

A robust brand identity helps the business to uniquely identify itself from its competitors and connect with its customers at a much deeper level. Digital Brand Identity is the collection of all the elements that a company uses to create a positive image of the brand and present itself to public.

Digital brand identity may include your digital business cards, cover letters, social media banners etc. All it takes is the team of professionals who can develop a brand identity that remains true to the brand, and ITEG just provides that.

Step 3:


Developing a website comes as the 3rd step in the digital transformation journey of a brand. Website helps the business to secure a dedicated online space on the internet where people can visit the company virtually and know about the business online

ITEG recommends its clients to have a website that can help them connect with their customers online where they can get personalized service from the brand.

Step 4:

Digital Marketing and Sales

After the website is developed, next step is to digital presences through branding and marketing, this can be done through digital marketing and sales package. Digital Marketing is an essential step to get brand visibility, spread brand awareness, while generating qualifies leads for the business using social media and other digital platforms.

Our experienced team of digital marketers at ITEG study the market trends along with the conventional digital marketing techniques to get the brand the necessary traction online.

Step 5:

Zoho ERP Implementation

To tie up all the digital activities online, it is necessary for any business to have a robust ERP system at place through which they can streamline the company process and automate the recurring tasks.

We recommend our clients to implement Zoho ERP system for their business as it is easy to use and can be customized according to the needs of the business.

Step 6:

Digital Marketing and Sales

Remaining true to our vision, we provide continuing advisory and support to our clients for all things IT through our Managed Service concept that included unlimited support, enhancements, reports and trainings for all things implemented.

This six-step process is able to build foundation for a business that is world class, business owners can then focus on their niche and making their customers happy.