Dedicated Development Teams

Streamline Your Operations & Scale as You Go

Say goodbye to recruitment costs and budget constraints holding you back from hiring intelligent resources. Instead, hire dedicated developers to work specifically on your project.

What Is a Dedicated Development Team?

Development Team? Dedicated software development teams are self-managed, leaving you free from the burdens of finding resources or assisting them in completing the project. As dedicated developers, these resources are reserved for your project, preferably for the long term.

How Do Dedicated Development Models Work?

We use a streamlined approach to finalize a dedicated team for you. Our global resource pool is ready to jump into your project, minus any effort on your part.

Step 01

Finding Out the Deliverables

We take the time to understand the skills and prowess you’re looking for. This includes considering your deadlines and deliverables before proceeding to the next step.

Step 02

Screening the Right Fit

We have one of the largest talent pools for your exquisite needs. We reserve a significant chunk of our time to screen the right team, no matter the number of individuals you want.

Step 03

Onboarding Your Dedicated Team

Once we’ve finalized a dedicated team, it’s time to get them on board. We assist you with onboarding until we completely transfer the control over to you.

Step 04

Need-based Team Expansion & Scaling

We understand that your project demands won’t always remain the same. We help you expand and scale your team according to your current requirements.


We Provide You the Safety Net for Maximum Productivity

A dedicated development team model is just like employing people in a newly opened remote office location – except that you won’t have to deal with the setup, maintenance, payrolls, or any legalities. Instead, we’ll do the footwork, no matter the team you desire.


Hire innovative mobile application developers to work solely on your project. We’ll help you with the selection and everything that comes in between.


Build, manage, scale – the possibilities are endless when you choose ITEG Consulting dedicated web development team for your web applications.


New in the industry and tight on budget? Build a customized team to work for you and execute your ideas into action.


Whether you’re looking for software engineers or maintenance experts, we can help you do so effectively and cost-efficiently.

Work With a Team Willing to Fight Tooth and Nail for Your Brand

Benefits of a Dedicated Development Team

Pre-Hiring Scrutiny

There’s no better way to describe what we do: we simply take the hiring hassles off your shoulders. Our scrutinized recruitment process involves assessing developers’ profiles based on hard skills acquired throughout the years. We will only share the details with you once we’ve thoroughly evaluated the short-listed talent.

Risk-Free & Cost-Effective

Full-time hirings are never the option when you have project-wise demand. With our remote dedicated software development teams, you can feed two birds with one scone. Not only is it profitable for saving costs, but it also guarantees a dedicated team of developers working solely on your project.

Business Growth Opportunities

We acknowledge that you’re heavily loaded with deadlines, deliveries, sales, and business profile management. As a result, it barely leaves time for head-hunting, onboarding, accommodation, and everything that comes in between. We cater to your demands by offering dedicated software development teams. This way, you can focus on your business while we handle the rest.

Realtime & Round-the-Clock Support

Developing a product might require frequent changes. This calls for 24/7 support and real-time progress check. That’s exactly what you get when hiring dedicated developers from ITEG Consulting. Ultimately, it helps you adjust the progress and get your desired results.