Search Engine Optimization

For each query entered into its search engine, Google uses SEO to determine which websites should rank high. SEO is essential because it maintains the impartiality of search results.

ITEG can design the most effective SEO strategy for your company. You’ve come to the correct place if you’ve decided to move forward because we can assist you with all the aspects of building your internet presence and reaching out to your potential customers.

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Better profile creation

Better profile creation



Features of SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the practice of optimizing a website to improve its visibility and ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs).


SEO minimizes the possibility of manipulating the search results as much as possible so that the websites that show up for each search are there because they deserve it. Being the Best SEO experts in Karachi, we understand your company goals and are aware of the tactics that can help you achieve your objectives. ITEG offers SEO services to businesses who wish to expand their digital presence, increase leads and boost their revenue.

Prioritize SEO Tactics

Keyword Strategy

ITEG SEO professionals are knowledgeable about SEO tactics to raise your rankings for particular keywords. We identify the phrases with the optimal mix of relevance, search volume, and ranking potential.


Evaluate Speed and Images

Site Audit and

ITEG SEO experts offer thorough website audit & optimization services by addressing technical SEO elements, social media ad campaigns, CRO backlink profiles, and analytics. We make commercial decisions that help the development of your brand narrative.

Do better than the Market

Competitor Analysis

Our SEO specialists thoroughly research your firm’s competitors to carefully watch your online tactics and position your website at the top of search results. For our clients, we work adeptly to generate exceptional and concrete results on search engines.


Make the Crawlers find you

Technical SEO

Technical SEO services for WordPress and other CMS are essential for online success. At ITEG , Data-driven technical SEO recommendations are identified, planned, and carried out to deliver the best results.

Earn Organic Traffic

On-Page SEO

The main objective of on-page SEO is to interact with search engine crawlers in their language and make it easier for them to understand the actual context of your pages. Our on-page SEO professionals will examine your web pages and develop a strategy that meets your digital goals.

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Get Strong Backlinks

Backlinks Building

Backlink data sources are required to identify the referring domains, evaluate the website authority and calculate the social share volume of linking pages. Our experts do backlink building to ensure you get incoming links from reliable and high-authority websites

Improve the performance of your

Analytics and Reporting

Our team uses analytics to acquire crucial information and produce desired outcomes for your site. We offer regular consultations, email updates, and monthly reports to keep you updated about your marketing opportunities, limitations, and strengths.